The HomeSchooler’s Network is not a private school responsible to educate students. It is a non-profit co-op organization dependent on parental involvement and whose purpose is to augment and enrich the educational opportunities for homeschool students.

Therefore, the following areas of service are vital to the success of the HSN Co-op.

1. At least one parent (or other Guardian) is required to remain on the class premises at all times unless cleared by the Administrator. HSN is not an opportunity for parents to drop off students and do other things. Rather, it is an opportunity to participate in another aspect of your children’s educational process and be hands on involved with their friends as well.

Please do not schedule doctors’ appointments, hair appointments, or other general errands during the class session times. We understand emergencies and family illnesses, however, these instances must be kept to a minimum and parents are required to secure another adult to be responsible for students being left on gone.

2. Families are required to participate in a minimum of 2 hours of adult volunteer service each morning class session and 1 hour volunteer service each afternoon class session (or campus while they are equivalent).

Volunteer opportunities include but are not limited to Teacher, Assistant Teacher, Teacher’s Aide, Nursery worker, and Library upkeep. In some cases, adult involvement may be done by adults other than the parents or guardian.

However, arrangements for this need to be made through the administration.

There are also smaller volunteer opportunities and some volunteer work that needs to be done outside the regular class session day. Sometimes this work can be substituted for some of the hours of volunteer service required on regular class session days. Sometimes, these jobs just need to be done by someone to insure the best continuation of the HSN programs.

During times on class session days when parents are not actively working, we have a parents’ room where
information regarding field trips, activities and other announcements is posted. Parents are responsible for checking this information. Parents are encouraged to fellowship with other homeschooling parents during these times. Encouraging and learning from each other is an important benefit to our program. At certain times we also offer a Bible Study. And parent educational opportunities.

3. Each family is required to work a minimum of two cleaning days each semester.

Families will sign up for their cleaning days during Registration. If for some reason a family cannot be present on their cleaning day, they will need to notify the Administration and find a family to trade slots with. Cleaning after classes usually take about a hour and 15 minutes.

4. Each family is required to pay a $50 Membership Fee OR participate in fundraising each semester.

Fundraising dates will be scheduled by the Administrators and sign up for fundraising slots will be held during Semester Registration. These fundraisers are very important — they have allowed us to keep tuition to  minimum but still provide a quality program. We have purchased tables, TV/VCR/DVD units, and PE equipment, as well as augmented the regular class budgets. In the past our fundraising has averaged $50 per family per semester.

If your family has an objection to fundraising or for other reasons are not able to participate, you will pay the $50

Membership Fee Some families that choose this option are doing a family fundraising project to raise their $50 Fundraising Fee. In fairness, we would like to avoid the situation where 30% of the families do all the fundraising and the other 70% simply reap the benefits. In essence, if you can afford the extra $50, you would be paying your full tuition amount, but for families who cannot afford this, fundraising gives them a way to work off part of the actual tuition costs above the student fees charged.

5. Attend Registration each semester.

This serves several purposes. First, it will allow us to have a much closer head count for each class for the teachers before the first day. Secondly, it gives us a chance to meet the new families and allow them to meet some of the old timers as well as get familiar with the facilities. Everyone will benefit from knowing ahead where different classes and activities will be meeting each semester. It also makes sure that we are all on the same page. As we continue to grow, communication has to become a little more purposeful and setting aside a time for Semester Registration and Orientation allows our Administrative Board to handle Semester business all at once rather than stringing out individual meetings and phone calls to so many families.