To ensure returning students a place in classes at HSN we offer pre-enrollment online for our current members 2 weeks before the semester ends both in the fall and spring. After our current members have a chance to sign up for the following semester we then open pre-enrollment online for new families wishing to join.

For returning families:

At least one parent is required to attend registration day to:

  • obtain a final class schedule,
  • complete enrollment of all students
  • make payment of semester fees
  • sign up for worker positions
  • read and sign all the required the responsibility forms

For new families:

New families will be contacted to complete the enrollment process (as stated above) once it is determined there are openings available following the pre-enrollment online.

Students will be enrolled in the grade that corresponds with their age unless other arrangements are made through the Administration. For example, if a parent feels that during one hour of the day it would be more advantageous learning experience for the student to place them one level higher or one level lower for that class period, the Administration will be very open to helping make those arrangements with the teachers and registrar. Such class changes should be made before the start of the second week of classes.

Students will be enrolled in all classes scheduled for their age unless other arrangements are made through the Administration. Any parent who makes arrangements with the Administration for a student to not attend a class at any time during the day will be required to keep that student with them during the time that the student is not in class.

Click here to learn about our Enrollment Fees.