Before you join The HomeSchoolers’ Network, you will probably have tons of questions! Don’t worry, that’s normal! So normal that we’ve decided to list the most common questions and answers. We may not answer all of your questions here, so don’t hesitate to contact us to get more information.


Hours of Operation:

Our academic class day program meets on Tuesdays. Fall Semester typically begins the 1st Tuesday after Labor Day (September) and ends the Tuesday before Thanksgiving (November). Spring semester typically begins the 1st Tuesday in February and ends the last Tuesday in April. We offer a spring break in March to keep each semester 12 weeks long. Morning Assembly and Announcements start at 8:30 am and classes end at 3:00 pm with an hour between 12:00 p.m.-1:00 pm for lunch.


Where do you meet?
We meet at our host church which is currently at Wildwood Baptist Church, 4827 East 20th Street, Joplin, MO.


Who can join HSN?
Anyone who homeschools students K-12. We are located in a church building but no church membership is required, only the willingness to follow the HSN behavior policies, fulfill the parent responsibilities and pay your fees.


Can we bring children younger than K with us?
Yes, we offer a Nursery, 2/3 year old preschool, and 4/5 year old preschool for younger siblings of registered school aged children.


Membership prices and fees: Please see our Enrollment Fee link under Enrollment Policies


What type of classes do you offer?
For our grade school classes we choose classes that fall in one of these areas:

  1. Hard or less effective to do at home with 1 or 2 kids such as P.E., Choir, and Drama.
  2. Take special knowledge or skills such as Spanish, Sign Language, and Art.
  3. Can benefit from a large group and organized as a school-wide unit study which lets us dive deeply into the subject, have guest speakers, do activities that might be cost intensive for a few students but attainable as a group. Examples of topics we have done in the past Election Watch, Government, Lewis & Clark, Science Experiments, Anatomy, Money Management, Dinosaurs, US Presidents, Geography, & Culture.

JH Has mostly classes similar to the Elementary, but have a few options more similar to High School options. In some cases and courses, it is appropriate for and 8th grader to take a HS class & get HS credit.

For High School we offer classes that are designed to help students gain credits. We also try to have at least one more enrichment type classes every hour as well. Most of the core classes for this program rotate every other year. Some are offered every year and a few are offered on an as-there-is-interest basis.


What do we need to bring for classes?
We recommend that each student brings a backpack with writing utensils, notebooks, and folders. Individual teachers may have additional supplies needed for their students due to the nature of the class they are teaching. That information will be announced to you before the class is required to have them.


What do we do for lunch?
Lunch is from 12:00 p.m.-1:00 pm. Families may choose to bring their lunch, go out for lunch, or purchase the offered lunch along with snack items and beverages for a very reasonable price.  If you want to purchase lunch through HSN, you must place your order at the kitchen window in the sanctuary by 10:30 am. The sanctuary serves as the lunch location along with the picnic tables by the playground. We also encourage families to bring blankets or lawn chairs as well. The more we can enjoy eating outdoors, the less clean up we have to do.


How do we determine what grade our student is in?
Typically we go by the grade they would be in, by birthday, or the consistent grade the parent has the student working in. We realize that one of the beautiful things about homeschool is that our students can work in different levels in different areas so as you look at the class schedule, if there is a situation where a student might be better served during certain hours to move to a grade lower or higher, we will work that out with you.

For High School, some students choose to do a 5 year High School plan rather than a 4 year plan so we have a combined Junior and Middle Class.


Do I need to purchase special curriculum?
For 8th and under (unless a JH student chooses a HS option) there is no curriculum you will need to purchase or follow at home unless you choose to augment what is done on Tuesday’s in a certain subject.

Many High School classes have a specific textbook or class fee that is required. If you do not already have the required book, you may order the needed books. Fees are usually associated with classes that use a reproducible curriculum or have equipment or supplies such as supplies for Biology labs and Cooking classes.

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