About HSN


The purpose of the HomeSchooler’s Network is to assist parents in educating, nurturing, and leading
their children in the Lord. The focus is to encourage and support parents, provide group educational
opportunities and activities for interacting and fellowship, and be a resource for homeschooling families
and potential homeschooling families.


The HomeSchooler’s Network started in 1993 as a dream of a group of parents at College Heights
Christian Church who had made the decision to home educate their children. Organizational and Support
Group meetings were held and a Co-op was formed. The first activities included PE classes, field trips,
and informational support group meetings for parents. An arrangement was made with the Joplin Boys
and Girls Club to use their facility for the PE classes.

As the co-op grew simply by word of mouth, it became apparent that there was a need for this type
of support to homeschooling families beyond just the College Heights Christian Church family. The
name HomeSchooler’s Network was chosen for this outreach ministry of College Heights Christian
Church. An Administrative Board was appointed and the decision was made to expand the services
offered to include a three hour schedule of PE and classes once a week for 12 weeks each semester.

Sessions continued to be held at the Joplin Boys and Girls Club until the size of the group outgrew
the facility. In recent years, the HomeSchooler’s Network has found a home in a succession of
area churches, remaining in each new home until it too, was outgrown. The schedule has been
expanded to offer five hours of classes and a more focused High School program has been developed.

The HomeSchooler’s Network currently meets at Wildwood Baptist Church on Tuesdays. Our schedule
is based on two 12-week semesters. The fall semester begins in September on the Tuesday after
Labor Day and ends the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. The spring semester begins the first Tuesday
in February and ends the last Tuesday in April. Morning classes begin at 8:45 and afternoon classes
continue through 3:00 pm with a lunch break from noon to 1:0 pm. Classes are offered for Kindergarten
through the 12th grade as well as for younger siblings in the 4/5 Pre-K and 2/3 Preschool ages. A nursery
is provided.