Enrollment Requirements:

  • Family membership: $50 due at registration, per semester.
  • Enrollment for children Kindergarten-12th grade: $30 per student, per semester
  • Preschool Student (2 years-4 years): $15 per child, per semester. Parents with students in this age are asked to sign up to assist by providing snacks and some basic supplies.
  • Nursery Child: (2 years or younger): $10 per child, per semester. Nursery is staffed by parents who volunteer as part of their co-op service. Nursery is available as long as adequate staff is obtained.
  • Art & Paper Supply fee: $2 per child, per semester
  • Other fees may or will include the curriculum book for a Jr. High or High School class and our extra curricular activities that are offered specific for each grade level.

Enrollment fees are not based on how many classes, simply on participation; no refund will be issued for opting to not take advantage of a class. Such class changes should be made before the start of the second week of classes. There are fees for adding and dropping classes after the semester starts.

For families who are experiencing financial difficulties, the Administrative board can set up a payment plan for their enrollment fees as well as offer a limited number of full and partial scholarships to families who demonstrate a need. This information will be kept in strict confidence, only reviewed by the Administrative Board. The Membership fee is required up front on the day of registration and is non-refundable.

When classes such as Art or Science Labs are offered there may be an additional fee. We work to keep these fees at a minimum, but occasionally it is necessary to a little above that to achieve an adequate educational opportunity.

Teacher Benefit

Coordinators and Lead Teachers will receive up to two student enrollment fees free per Coordinator/Teacher position held each semester they serve in these rolls. This benefit is not available for assistant teachers.

Facility Requirements

HSN also asks each family to participate in a paper goods shower each semester for the facility as a gesture of appreciation and to help keep facility rental costs down. The minimum donation is $1.00 per family member attending and will be added to enrollment fees during registration.

Enrollment fees combined with fundraising cover all administrative and class costs including but not limited to the Facility Rental Fees, Teacher Expenses, Administrator’s Gratuity, Supplies and Scholarships. Over 50 % of Semester Fees goes directly to class expenditures. The remaining funds are used for Facility Rental and General Administrative Expenses.

Enrollment Fees do not cover expenses for field trips and other extracurricular activities.

Occasionally there is an opportunity to provide special classes that have costs associated with them substantially above the average class cost. To help keep the general costs down for everyone, we ask parents with students enrolled in these classes to pay a special class fee to cover a portion of these extra costs. Examples of these type costs in the past include lab equipment for higher level biology or chemistry or practice CD’s for the musical programs. In some cases the items are optional and in most cases, we try to offer another class at the same time that would give parents a financial option. And again, as with the enrollment fees, some financial assistance may be available through the Administrative Board.

Enrollment Fees do not cover basic school supplies. We recommend that each student bring the following items to school:

  1. Pencil or pens
  2. A Notebook (spiral or three ring) students will need paper possibly to write down assignments.
  3. A folder/binder for class handouts, home work assignments & notes to parents.
  4. It would be a good idea to have a backpack or book bag of some kind to keep all these things together during the day.